Weddings & Engagements

Weddings & Engagements

Your wedding day should be exactly that. Yours.

You don’t want photographers constantly buzzing around you dragging you from one shot to the next and making you wait around while they track down every one on the shot list. You need to be able to enjoy and be present in every single minute and it’s our job to capture you while do that.

We believe in spontaneity and in framing the true essence of you and your guests as the day unfolds, delivering you results that look natural and personal.

We’ll get to know you before the big day to understand your style, your thoughts and your expectations. We can structure a list of particular shots that you don’t want to miss out on or we can keep it completely casual and capture you from afar. Your package is completely tailored to you, so tell us everything.

Feel free to contact us to run through your ideas or ask any questions you might have.